The Newborn Experience

Bringing a precious new being into the world is one of life’s most magical experiences. Whether it is your first baby or a new addition to your growing family, the arrival of a new little person brings so much joy and love to your universe.


Those first few weeks are just a wonder, aren’t they! Adorable little baby noises, the cutest outfits, first baths, that amazing newborn smell. There is so much to savour during this time!


We all say that they grow up too fast and the first few months are by far the greatest indication of this. In a blink you’ll be amazed at how much they change. They will be outgrowing those 000 wonder suits and moving from the bassinet to a cot before you can imagine. Every moment counts in those first few weeks after your baby arrives.

Newborn photography is something that you will absolutely treasure forever. Being able to look back on beautiful images of your precious little one in detail is a gift.


Your newborn photography session here at my Chirnside Park home studio will be an experience that you will remember forever. We are totally set up to make your visit comfortable and special.


Don’t be nervous! I know that leaving home with your baby can be a big adventure in those first few weeks. Once you arrive, you can relax. My studio has everything we need to make your session stress free and a time where you can simply sit back and watch the magic happen.

When you arrive at the studio, we’ll talk through the process from beginning to end so that you have a good understanding of how the session will work. Of course, your baby is the boss of the day so we always go with the flow! Nothing is too much trouble. If baby needs to feed, we make time for that. Extra cuddles? Of course. I’ve worked with so many newborns in my career and can guarantee that every single session is different. There is a plan that never goes to plan! And it always seems to work out perfectly.


You’ll love looking through my extensive props collection and deciding on colours and styles to suit your home. We always talk about the images we are going to create as the session goes on and I love your input! Of course, part of my job is to guide you in this area so don’t panic! Just let me know your favourite colours and styles and we’ll go from there. There is so much we can do!


You’ll love your newborn session here at Sharon Jones Photography! Sessions are best held when baby is between 7 and 14 days of age where possible. It's best to get in touch as soon as possible during your pregnancy so that we can place your estimated due date in the calendar as we only take a limited number of bookings each month.