The Baby Experience

Baby photography sessions are just so adorable! There are so many different periods of time in your little one’s life that you will just love to capture in a beautiful portrait.


If your baby is past the newborn stage, we can still absolutely photograph them in a baby session and create a gallery of images that you will absolutely adore! It’s up to you at what age you would like to bring your baby to the studio and every stage is a slightly different experience.

One of my favourite ages to photograph is that 6 to 9 months age which we call Little Sitters. It’s an absolutely gorgeous time of your baby’s life. We get so many smiles, giggles and different facial expressions at this age. They have just begun to sit upright comfortably and confidently which gives us a lot of options when it comes to props and backdrops. They are usually quite easily amused and we get lots of smiles from my silly jokes! The best part? They can’t quite run away from me just yet which makes the whole experience a whole lot easier!


That being said… when your little one starts to walk, you’ll absolutely love to capture every moment. Baby sessions are quite quick and can be held at a time of day that suits your little one’s sleep schedules. No matter what you decide, I’ll be there to capture every moment.

When you visit my Chirnside Park studio your love looking through all of the gorgeous props, head pieces, backdrops and more that we can use to style your baby session. Let me know what kind of images you’re looking for and we can make it happen!


I love to photograph babies of any age so get in touch at any time and let’s create some memories of your gorgeous little person just the way they are.