The Cake Smash Experience

What are you doing to celebrate your little one’s first birthday? Trust me … a cake smash photography session is one of the most fantastic ways to spend the day!


Your baby’s first birthday is a big deal! What an incredible rollercoaster ride those first 12 months have been. You’ve learnt so much. Your little one has grown faster than you can believe. It’s time to celebrate their first 365 days around the sun.


You will laugh until your cheeks hurt, cry happy tears and love every second of your baby’s cake smash photography session. It really is more fun than you can imagine!

Very best thing about cake smash photography is that we capture every emotion. That first look when they’re a little bit confused … when they don’t quite know what they doing here. Followed by that first moment that they touch the cake and wonder… “am I allowed to be doing this?” Then the first taste. Oh the wonder! And then … pure joy!


There are so many different ways we can style a cake smash session. I have lots of beautiful backdrops, props and colour suggestions for you but if you have something specific in mind just let me know. You can BYO your own cake or I can connect you with a experienced baker that I use.


There is one thing I know for sure… cake smash sessions never go to plan. But no matter what happens, it’s an exciting day and you’ll take home a gorgeous gallery of images.

We finish every cake smash session with a splash in our gorgeous little Gatsby replica tub which your baby will adore! Sometimes they love bath time more than a cake can you believe? They splash water from one end of my studio to the other and I’ll be there to capture every giggle and squeal.


To make sure that we can accommodate your baby’s first birthday cake smash session, make sure you get in touch as soon as possible so that we can find you a date that suits.


I can’t wait to meet your little one and celebrate their birthday with you! If you’d like to find out more or talk through some other first birthday session options (for the babies who may not be so into cake) don’t hesitate to get in touch.